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Put all your fitness data in one place. Whether you use iPhone, or Android, Fitbit, or Jawbone, Apple Watch, or S Health, we have you covered. We add new services all the time and currently support all major fitness tracking platforms.


In Points

Activity.Club's unique point scoring algorithm means you can earn points for over 60 different activities. We translate everything from steps recorded with a wearable device, to bike rides tracked with apps into points. It doesn't matter what you to do stay active.

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New Challenges Every Week

Single, multi day, walking, running, adventure mode, and more! You will just have to try our challenges to fully understand them!


Earn awards for consistent activity and various milestones reached. Also bragging rights when you smoke your friends.

Over 60 activities supported

From running, walking and hiking, to snow sports, baseball and rowing, if you can track it, you can earn points for it.

Real Time Updates

Become aware the moment a friend passes you on your leaderboard or sends you a hi-five.

As a competitive person, I love to have the motivation of knowing what activities my other friends are doing. It helps get me off the couch and moving more effectively than anything piece of technology has so far. This has shown me a glimmer of the future of exercise, and how we can make individual activities more social, and I'm ready for it.


So nice to be able to see all my family and friends using one app. Very responsive and works with my running apps. I love giving high fives and leaving comments for my friends!

Enforce 2011

This is a great app. I am at the start of a wellness journey and I find this app to be very useful. I really enjoy the positive reinforcement and encouragement that I get from other users and I like the challenges. I look forward to see how far I can go with this.


I've used a lot of sports apps... It's annoying when all your friends use different apps. Activity Club brings everyone together for some friendly competition. As I write this, I've had about the best week of exercise ever. The competitions and hi fives drove me to new levels. This is a great app, which is not only a lot of fun, but also a great way to stay fit !


Very motivational, and keeps me moving. User it with Apple Watch and its flawless


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